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Land and Rooftop Income Acquisition

PTI works with operator customers, landlords and real estate owners across the Americas on land and lease acquisition solutions under existing wireless infrastructure, whether wireless towers or equipment on rooftops. We partner directly with landlords and real estate owners to acquire land under our sites as well as with landlords who collect income from other wireless operators on their properties. We also provide solutions for property owners looking to convert their ongoing wireless income stream to a significant lump sum of cash while providing the tower owner stability and reliability. Contact us

Real Estate Management and Marketing

To meet consumer demand by extending service coverage and increasing capacity, wireless carriers are constantly in search of real estate for the construction of towers and installation of equipment on and inside of well-positioned assets. PTI’s expert guidance and oversight will increase your property’s visibility and potentially turn otherwise unused space into ancillary revenue. PTI markets and manages third-party real estate to wireless service providers for collocation across the Americas. We will market your property alongside our tower portfolio, providing the initiative and visibility needed to generate and procure wireless lease revenue. PTI manages the entire leasing process by coordinating site visits before, during and after construction, overseeing all aspects of site design, permitting and equipment installation, and acting as an intermediary between the property owner and the carrier to negotiate favorable business terms. PTI also provides lease administration responsibilities, billing and collections, and custom reporting services as it relates to your wireless income. Contact us

Asset Management

PTI understands the significance of the landlord-tower owner relationship, which is why we have a team exclusively dedicated to providing service to our landlords and addressing their concerns. As a PTI landlord, you can be certain that your calls will be returned in a timely manner, your ground rent will be paid on time, and your rights under the ground lease will be respected. Your relationship is valuable to us, and we will work tirelessly to deliver world-class customer service to you as our business partner. Contact us